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  • Setting up right tools for Performance Management.
  • Developing reasonable incentive programmes for the benefit of the Business and Employees.
  •  Implementation of self measuring tools for Employees.
  •  Setting up effective tools to manage cost and expenses. ​
  • ​ Placing right methods of Hiring and Performance Appraisals.​
  •  Work as an extension of ownership, to execute a sound business plan.​​​
  • ​​​​Increase in Guest Satisfaction Score.​

  •  Increase in RevPar by setting up right pricing Strategies and Effective Revenue Management.

  •  Increase in Employee Engagement Surveys and better Retention Process.

  • Development of better tools, training and techniques based on the needs of Organization.

  •  Improve Ranking on Trip Advisor.
  •  Succession plan and development of future leader in the department / hotel.