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​Revenue Management Services can also be provided Remotely / Off Property, Please contact us for further information


  •  Market Segment Identification. 
  • Demand Forecasting.
  • Inventory Control , Allocation.
  • Handling Overbooking.
  • Extranets , E commerce Optimization.
  • Following Comp set Reports, smith travels reports.
  • Direction of Sales Strategies.
  • Guidance of marketing-plan development and implementation.
  • Weekly Revenue meetings and forecasting pace reports. 

As part of ongoing changes in the industry, companies throughout the entire hospitality spectrum are placing a strong emphasis on implementing major operational changes. Popli Hotels will help you by recognizing the meaningful cost reductions without compromising safety, capacity and service levels, we will also be looking at reducing costs by increasing flexibility and improving asset utilization through effective Revenue Management strategy. 

We will be providing you following revenue management services: